J.E. Talbot Publicity


  • Bylined and case history features--We’ll ghost-write articles based on interviews with your engineers and technical specialists or based on interviews with your customers who apply your products to solve problems, decrease costs, or improve efficiencies. We’ll also develop graphics and take photos to illustrate the articles. We’ll place these articles with appropriate trade press magazines.

  • News release writing and distribution--We’ll develop news on business events, new contracts and agreements, new products and services, new brochures, new hires and promotions, and elections to offices within professional societies. A newsworthy angle and a clever headline can catch the editor's and his/her readers’ attention. Including a professional photo or graphic helps magazine editors and art directors develop attractive publication pages.

  • Manufactured reprints--These are similar to bylined and case history features above, except they're unpublished. We’ll arrange to format and print our written articles in Acrobat (pdf) format so that they look like article reprints from a magazine. In this way you save the four to six months delay in waiting for an article to be accepted and published, plus you completely control the content.

  • Technical paper editing and writing--Based on interviews and written sources, we’ll write a technical paper for an association meeting plus a Powerpoint presentation for a talk based on the paper. Then we’ll convert the article to a feature article for a technical or trade magazine.

  • Advertorial writing--These are paid-space ads written on technical issues in a journalistic style. We’ll make the ads look and read like editorial, so that they're virtually indistinguishable from magazine articles.

  • Newsletter writing--You can maintain customer awareness with a regular newsletter to customers that covers current trends; new products, offerings, and brochures; product application stories; and how-to information. We’ll do the research and interviews and write the articles. We can also distribute the newsletter as an email to your list.

  • Technical photojournalism--We’ll search out cooperative customers, set up on-site or phone interviews, and commission or take photographs. Then we’ll draft the article with photos and captions, secure approvals from all parties, and finally submit to a trade magazine editor for consideration.

  • Media relations and contact lists--We’ll develop and maintain an Excel database containing contact information of editors important to your business. And we’ll pitch story ideas to editors and review editorial calendars to check upcoming issues on topics related to your business.